Kung Fu is a comprehensive and highly developed fighting system which has been practiced for thousands of years. During its long history many different styles have developed each with its own special features and emphasis. The most recognized and well known of these styles today are those developed within the Shaolin Temples. The art we practice is derived from the monastic Shaolin tradition in the southern Fukien province of China.


Martial arts fitness and self defence.

It encompasses both External (Hard) and Internal (Soft) aspects of Chinese martial arts as well as utilising the many different and various hand and leg techniques of both Northern and Southern styles of Kung Fu, including kicking, punching, locking, nerve points and take down techniques.

We sincerely believe our art and teaching methods equips students with a solid grounding in the practice of martial arts and whilst traditional in training methods is also practical in application. Animal forms prevalent in Chinese martial arts, such as Leopard, Crane, Tiger and Snake forms are taught as well as the use of many traditional weapons, including Broadsword, Spear, 3 Sectional Staff and Fan.

Beginners are welcome to these friendly classes. Adults and children are welcome from 9 years old. Our Kung Fu sessions are conveniently located in Shenley, near to Watford and St Albans, Herts. For details of classes, please click here.