Silk Reeling | 4.03.2015

We often say that our forms in Kung Fu and Tai Chi are best completed as if you are reeling silk. Have you ever watched a silk worm? Pulling the silk out to quickly would snap the silk. Too slowly is equally as bad as there isn't enough momentum to get the silk moving. A consistently tensile smooth flowing action enables the silk to stay in tact. We remember this when performing our form exercises for maximum health benefits.

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Online Gaming – Lowers Stress Levels and Good for Health

The merits and downsides of playing video games are among the most hotly debated topics of this generation. Many people advocate playing video games as they increase hand-eye coordination, while online games can help people socialize. On the other hand, many people worry that video games, especially violent ones, can cause people to actually become more violent and less able to deal with the real world, though this has never been proven.

However, one of the benefits from playing video games, especially online games, is that it is actually a great way to alleviate stress, which can help people improve their overall physical condition. A 2004 study at McGill University in Montreal confirmed this, as study participants who played video games every day were found to have much lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, in their blood than those who did not play games.

It has also been shown that online games, especially those with relatively benign and simple themes, are wonderful ways to reduce stress and improve the player's overall mood. Online games such as puzzle games, simulators, or even a funny yoga game, are all ways to reduce stress and feel better.

Other studies have shown that while most people link gambling with thrill and heightened levels of stress, the opposite might actually be true. Studies from such universities as Oxford University and Eastern Carolina University show links between lower stress levels and casual online gambling, surprising many people who hold gambling in low regard.

While many people turn to meditation, yoga, or even just zoning out in front of the TV as a way to reduce stress, it turns out that heading online and playing games could actually be the best cure.